Intrusion and Technical Assistance on Algarve

Call to national mobile network

Alarme de intrusão

Sale, installation, and assistance with intruder alarm systems

  • Installation of wired or wireless systems
  • Remote system access (arm/disarm system; history; etc.)
  • Consultancy for installations, alterations, and extensions
  • Systems with or without connection to the CRA (Alarm Receiving Center)
  • No monthly fees with Internet and GPRS communication.

Our wireless alarm systems use radio frequency technology in a proprietary protocol with high-security AES encryption.

Allowing a wireless installation without the need to carry out major work in your home or business.


Modern, technological, and efficient alarm systems


Intervention Areas: Armação de Pêra, Lagoa, Portimão, Albufeira, Lagos, Vilamoura e Faro.

Alarm with Ethernet network, GPRS, and SMS

Using the most advanced alarm system technology, the new alarms use Ethernet, WiFi, and GPRS technology, which allows communication with your alarm system via an APP, anywhere and at any time.

These alarms offer increased security and constant access via an application.

If there is a failure in the WiFi network, the alarm system will use GPRS networks, and if this also fails, the alarm control panel will send an alert via SMS or phone call to inform you of this situation.

Leave your home or your business rested and monitor from a distance.

Advantages of STA alarms

SOS Button

In an emergency situation, you can press the panic or SOS button, which will trigger the alarm and send a notification to the app.

Total Control

Total control of your alarm system through the APP

Assistance and Maintenance

Sistemas de Segurança (STA) provides full technical assistance whenever necessary and ensures proper maintenance of the equipment.

Remote access to the system

Installation is carried out by a company registered with the regulatory authorities.


Instalação efectuada por uma empresa registada nas autoridades reguladoras.

Tailor-made alarm

The alarm system is completely parameterizable to the customer's needs, allowing the expansion of more detectors, smoke and flood sensors, automation, and integration with other systems.

Deterrent Plate

It is important that intruders know that your home or business is protected with an efficient and secure alarm system.


For this reason, when installing safety equipment, we offer and install one or more high-quality vinyl signs.

Por este motivo quando fazemos a instalação do equipamento de segurança oferecemos e instalamos uma ou mais placas em vinil de alta qualidade.

Alarm Maintenance

Installation and maintenance are services that STA—Sistemas de Segurança—provides to all its customers. It is very important that safety equipment is installed and tested properly and in accordance with the manufacturer's standards. Only in this way will the security conditions be ensured, which, in the event of an intrusion, will be essential for all equipment to function properly and fulfill its function.

All alarm and security equipment needs maintenance. Each piece of equipment, depending on its characteristics and use, must have adequate and differentiated maintenance. For us, the relationship of continuity with our customers is very important, and for this reason we provide a technical maintenance service whenever necessary for all the alarm equipment we have installed.


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