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CCVT - Video surveillance

Our video surveillance systems use the most advanced technology, allowing access to images and videos in real time through remote access anywhere and at any time via APP, by computer, mobile phone, or tablet.


You can consult live images or view the history.


These video surveillance systems offer a large storage capacity, allowing access to the history of recordings within the maximum periods defined by law. Also, with the advancement of imaging technology, it is now possible to obtain high-quality image recordings.

Video surveillance systems allow the aggregation of dozens of cameras simultaneously, as well as different locations that you want to protect.

STA: Certified Company

  • Installation of integrated systems with remote visualization (analog and IP)
  • Systems maintenance
  • Consultancy for installations, alterations, and extensions
    Systems with or without connection to the CRA (Alarm Receiving Center)
  • No monthly fees

Advantages of Video Surveillance

It is a deterrent and increases the security of your goods.

Remote access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Cameras that record with or without light using infrared technology

Flexible system: installation of one or dozens of fully integrated cameras, creating a closed surveillance system

Automatic notifications in case of intrusion

Applicable in outdoor and indoor environments

Access control

History of videos and images

With the new cameras available in terms of technology and design, you can enjoy a modern CCTV system with little impact on the surroundings.

Video Surveillance Recording Solutions

According to the law in force, in most places it is mandatory to keep the images for 30 days, so the equipment we sell is in compliance with the law.

We can program three types of recording:

  • Continuous recording: the system can do 24-hour recording during the mandatory period.
  • Motion detection recording: The system triggers recording when movement is detected in an area of the image or in the entire area captured by the camera.
  • Scheduled recording: recording during a certain period, which can normally be selected between hours and days of the week

Real-time visualization

Accessing images in real time is very important, as it allows you to keep track of and view your things at home or in your business. With the installation of cameras, you will be able to see and record what is happening in your home or business through your PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Integrated Systems with Remote Viewing (Analog and IP)

Nowadays, all systems allow remote viewing of both the live image and the recordings.

Remote viewing allows us to understand if our homes are protected, if everything is fine with our family members, or even to know how certain work is going on in our home.

In business, in addition to protecting employees and company assets, we can use CCTV systems to “know” our business better. Perceive customer stay times, store locations to better expose a promotion, peak hours, etc.


In the market, we find analogue solutions and IP (digital) solutions, where the big difference is the image quality. In analog systems, the image is transmitted by coaxial cables (or with converters), and it is the recorder (DVR) that converts the image to digital, improving the image quality. In IP systems, the signal transmitted to the recorder (NVR) is already a digital signal, thus ensuring better image quality.


It is also possible to configure the systems to alert their owners when there are movements in certain areas of the image that we want.

Types of video surveillance cameras

There are several types of cameras on the market, which should be used depending on the location and what you want to see.

We can divide the chambers into:
  • Tubular Chambers (Bullet)
  • Dome cameras
  • Motorized dome cameras


Within these 3 categories,” there are many different characteristics that are common among them, such as:
  • Varifocal Cameras
  • Fixed or motorized lens
  • Sensor
  • Lens motorization
  • IR range
  • Degree of Protection
  • Etc.

Deterrent Plate

It is important that intruders know that your home or business is protected with a video surveillance system.

For this reason, when installing safety equipment, we offer and install one or more high quality vinyl signs.

Installation and Maintenance

Installation and maintenance are services that STA – Sistemas de Segurança provides to all its customers.


It is very important that CCTV Video Surveillance systems are installed and tested properly and in accordance with the manufacturer’s standards. Only in this way will the security conditions be ensured, which in the event of an intrusion, will be essential for all equipment to function properly and fulfill its function.

All installed video surveillance and security equipment requires maintenance.


We are located in the Algarve and our maintenance and installation intervention focuses on this region, with greater focus on: Portimão, Albufeira, Armação de Pêra, Lagoa, Lagos, Vilamoura, Faro, Quarteira, Almancil and Loulé


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