Fire alarm systems for businesses and homes

Fire alarm systems for businesses and homes

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Fire Detection Systems

Since January 2009, the Legal Regime for Fire Safety in Buildings has been in force, whereby buildings and enclosures are obliged to comply with the legislation in force.


Nevertheless, automatic fire detection systems are an important factor in building safety, as they reduce the probability of fire occurring and limit its development, facilitate the evacuation and rescue of occupants, protect their property, and allow effective rescue intervention.

STA: Certified Company

We are a registered company for the sale, installation, and maintenance of automatic fire detection systems.

A fire detection system can consist of several automatic detectors that aim to detect smoke, flames, or heat; manual alarm buttons; sound and light alarm devices; and the Fire Detection Center (CDI).
The Fire Detection Center (CDI) has the function of receiving signals from the various automatic and manual detectors and subsequently triggering the respective alarms, such as sirens and emergency lights, or communicating to remote receivers through telephone transmitters, dedicated lines, and others.

What we do

  • Fire system installation
  • Annual maintenance to the fire system
  • nonconformity alert
  • Specialized technical assistance

Types of Fire Systems

Conventional Fire System

This fire system has a central and several detection circuits (zones).


Each detection circuit covers a specific area. If the alarm is triggered, it will inform, through the information provided by the respective group of detectors, which area has a problem.


The system is usually separated by different detection and alarm elements. Automatic detectors are placed in one or more areas (smoke, thermal, others) and in others only alarm buttons. As for the alarm circuits (sirens), these can be grouped by zones, which are associated with the detection circuits, with the aim of obtaining coverage of all areas of the building in case of the necessary general evacuation of the same.

Addressable Fire System

This fire system is more sophisticated and effective than the conventional fire system.
Through its software and hardware, it allows the programming of functions adjusted to the needs of each individual situation, practically detector by detector. In this way, in the event of a fire or a fire, it is possible to obtain better information efficiency, maximizing the effectiveness and speed of intervention.

Technical assistance

Perform preventive maintenance with specialized technical assistance for your automatic fire system and be more relaxed.


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